Social media & Migration (Bibliography)

This bibliography is a non-exhaustive list of studies at the intersection of socia media data and migration studies. This bibliography is online, supplementary material for a forthcoming book chapter. The bibliography is organized along several sections: 1) General reviews, 2) Measuring stocks and flows, 3) Integration/Inclusion and Discrimination, 4) Public discourse and hate speech, 5) platforms as data collection tools, 6) Methods, 7) Ethnics. Let me know if I missed something.

Vaccine use in migrant communities

This project investigates the potential barriers to accessing the COVID-19 vaccines among recent migrants and refugees.

How does shared accommodation affect the integration of refugees?

This project investigates the effects of shared accommodation such as reception centers on the medium-term integration of refugees in terms of employment, language skills and contacts with Germany. We use quasi-experimental methods.

Measuring migration behaviour through WhatsApp use

This project investigates the potential of WhatsApp for follow-up panel surveys in low-income settings to measure migration. In this methodological study, the team compares response rates across various survey modes.

Public investment in language courses for refugees in Germany

This exploratory project aims to assess the investment gap in funding for language courses. Building on a comprehensive review of available studies on the labour market impacts of language acquisition programmes, the project will estimate the potential reduction in public spending through the increase in investment in language courses.

Re-migration preferences

In collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, this study conducts a Discrete Choice Experiment with migrant that have returned to countries in East Africa. The experiment elicits migrants’ preferences towards re-migrating abroad.

The role of information in the decision-making process of potential irregular migrants

The project in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, funded by the Government of the Netherlands investigates the role of various drivers of irregular migration, including information on costs, earnings, and risks, among potential migrants in West Africa and Ethiopia. The project involves large scale primary data collection and experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

Migration of European elites across the centuries

Author: Jasper Tjaden (University of Potsdam; Germany) Introduction Ever wondered where Einstein was born and died? A few months ago, I was on a train reading a magazine. On the last few pages, they featured an obituary.