Broad media coverage on new “Merkel effect” study

Der Spiegel, ZDF, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Focus Online etc. report on new study

Vox, Apr 1, 2021: The US is telling migrants “don’t come.” They might not be listening.

How much does Biden’s messaging about the border matter?

Migration Data Portal, Apr 16, 2020: Forecasting the future of migration—many approaches, one commonality: uncertainty

Policymakers want to know what’s coming. Migration forecasts are not just in high demand, they are also difficult to navigate. Some approaches to discuss the future of migration require advanced knowledge of statistics, others require quite a bit of imagination. GMDAC’s Jasper Tjaden and Eduardo Acostamadiedo discuss the pros and cons of different approaches and what the experts think of future migration trends to the EU in 2030.

BBC Brazil, Sep 02, 2018: Como países como o Brasil podem se beneficiar da vinda de refugiados

Frankfurter Rundschau, Ap 12, 2018: Viele Ausländer - doch nur wenige Flüchtlinge

Rund 10,6 Millionen ausländische Staatsbürger leben in Deutschland. Nur wenige davon sind Flüchtlinge.

Guardian, Apr 12, 2018: When we think of migrants, why not include Einstein and Ronaldo

Many footballers, Oscar nominees and Nobel laureates are migrants. It’s time to overturn stereotypes about migration.

Migazin, Jul 08, 2013: Ohne Doppelpass ins Abseits

Mit der Ablehnung der doppelten Staatsbürgerschaft steht die Union innenpolitisch zunehmend alleine da. Kommt es zu keiner Reform, könnte sich Deutschland auch international ins Abseits stellen, schreibt Jasper Dag Tjaden.

Financial Times, Mar 16, 2013: UK citizenship tests: why we need them